Discrete Wire (Low voltage)
NX Tester Test Point Boards are divided into two sets of 64 points, each designed to mate with a 64 pin card edge connector. Dynalab uses card edge connections, rather than fine pitch, pin-type connectors, for durability and ease of use. A wide range of interface cables are offered to attach a Dynalab NX Tester to your test fixture.
 Discrete Wire Interface Cable
The Discrete Wire Interface is a cable assembly with 64 individual 24 AWG wires are cut to length and ready to be attached to a fixture. This cable interfaces any Dynalab Tester and is available in three lengths.
5-2006 Discrete Wire Interface Cable, 6'
5-2012 Discrete Wire Interface Cable, 12'
5-2018 Discrete Wire Interface Cable, 18'

Discrete Wire Connector
Build your own interface cables with extra wires from the Discrete Wire Interface Cables. Use the Discrete Wire Extraction Tool to remove unused wires from the Discrete Wire Interface Cables and then assemble them into the Discrete Wire Connector.
5-2091 Card Edge Connector
Discrete Wire Extraction Tool
5-2095 Extraction Tool