• 4-line display
  • 20 characters per line
  • Characters are bright green, 0.4" (10mm) high
  • Makes NX Tester display messages visible from a distance
  • Easily integrated with Dynalab NX Testers
  • Dimensions: 11" wide x 3.5" high x 2" deep
  • Supplied with a 14' cable for connection to NX Tester

4 Line Extended Display
At times, it may be necessary to view NX Tester messages from a distance. Even though each NX Tester is equipped with an effective and legible display, the standard character height may not be suitable for viewing from a distance. The Extended Display solves this problem. The Extended Display provides a means of making the tester information visible from a distance. This results in a display that can be easily viewed at a significant distance from the NX Tester.
5-1074 4 Line Extended Display

Extension Cable
The Extended Display includes with a 14' cable to connect to the Tester. If additional length is needed, the 10' Extension Cable can used to extend the distance between the Extended Display and the Tester.
5-8864 10' Extension Cable      

Extended Display Duplex "Y" Cable
Two Extended Displays may be connected to one NX Tester - one extended display can be connected to each serial port on the NX Tester. If only one serial port on the NX Tester is available, the optional Extended Display Duplex Connection Kit is required. Warning: Failure to use the specially wired TEE connector from Dynalab may result in damage to the Extended Displays when connecting two Extended Displays to one serial port.
5-1075 Extended Display Duplex "Y" Cable