Terminal Block (Low Voltage)
To aid test fixture building and maintenance, Dynalab offers test point distribution solutions. Ribbon cables neatly deliver test points from the NX Tester to Terminal Block Interfaces. Fixture elements are attached to the Terminal Block Interface by screw terminals. Should a fixture block require maintenance, it can be unscrewed and replaced with a substitute in seconds.

  Terminal Block Interface
The Terminal Block Interface allows the user to distribute the test points away from the NX Tester and provide an easy to use screw terminal interface. These devices are connected to the NX Tester using the Ribbon Cable Interface Assemblies.
5-2191 Terminal Block Interface

 Ribbon Interface Cable
The Ribbon Interface Cable is offered for specialized applications where a Dynalab NX Tester must be connected to a printed circuit board or any device containing a dual row header (0.100" spacing). This cable is available in three lengths.
5-2102 Ribbon Interface Cable, 2'
5-2104 Ribbon Interface Cable, 4'
5-2108 Ribbon Interface Cable, 8'

  Ribbon Cable Components
To create custom ribbon cables, Dynalab offers 64 conductor ribbon cable and two common ribbon cable connectors. Both connectors are insulation displacement.
5-2192 Card Edge Connector      
5-2193 Dual Row Header Connector      
5-2194 64 Conductor Ribbon Cable (100 foot lengths)